Tango, Argentina’s Passion Dance

Experience real tango in Buenos Aires

By Eva Stelzer

Five things you need to know about Argentinean Tango. It is a must to round out any Buenos Aires experience. Tango is passion, the music is haunting, there is tango for show and then there is the real tango, and lastly, tango is pure entertainment.

Tango is an essential part of any Buenos Aires experience
It is commonly held that tango was born in the brothels of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s more likely tango started elsewhere, but the brothels of the port area of La Boca is where people of the upper and middle classes first encountered it. Brothels were major places of entertainment for the working classes. Due to a shortage of women in the early days of Buenos Aires, prostitution became a thriving industry, with long queues forming as men waited for the women to become available. Visit the ever-colourful houses of La Boca for a glimpse back into history, where tango dancers perform on the streets outside the buildings, maintained as a memory to this port city’s past.

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