Walking Tuscany’s White Roads

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At the top of my list of fabulous things is walking through Tuscany’s network of white roads. These winding routes were originally carved out centuries ago by the enigmatic Etruscans, and later expanded by the Romans so that their war horses and soldiers could reach all parts of Europe from France to England. As a matter of fact, the sentence “all roads lead to Rome,” actually refers to this network of interconnecting trails. As cities grew they became neglected, left to be used by farmers and locals as they strolled from town to town.

Walking Tuscany's White Roads

Walking Tuscany’s White Roads

Now you can saunter on these white sand roads as part of an active holiday in Italy. Our trips stop for a glass of wine, an authentic farm lunch, a visit to a Benedictine monastery, and sometimes just to look at a “chianine” – a huge white cow weighing up to 2,000 pounds and famed for the Fiorentine steak.

So if it’s the walk, the wine, the food, the history, or just the nature that interests you – try a walking holiday in Tuscany.

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A monk mows his lawn at the Benedictine Abbey in Sant'Antimo

A monk mows his lawn at the Benedictine Abbey in Sant’Antimo

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