My first time in Italy

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My first day.

My first day.

May 12, 2014.

I am not a savvy traveller when it comes to European destinations so I look for direction and help to achieve my most desired results. I have heard stories of difficult trips with many details required and thought, I just cannot do this on my own.

Eva and I met some years ago and she mentioned that she sets itineraries up for individual clients. I guess I must have filed that information away in my head because thinking of planning my first bucket list trip to Italy, I immediately contacted her and asked if designing something special for me was possible. I sent her my favourite itineraries but of groups too large for my taste. Much to my relief she got excited with my wishes and we were in synch to get this going.

I write this blog post for EVIA from the beautiful Hotel Vecchia Oliviera in Montalcino in Tuscany’s Val d’Orica. We are at the last stop of a brilliant travel through the Chianti region, Florence and now Montalcino. Great foods, great wines, great views, and a great trip.

As mentioned I am not a worldly traveller and so road signs in Italy are most challenging; really!! Imagine my surprise when we start pulling out of the Greve region and the the sign that said “Roma 59 km.

“Wow, only 59 kilometers to Rome, how awesome?” I say.

This met with laughter from Eva in the backseat and our driver Michelangelo.

He explained, “no, this is a sign to say you are 59 km away from the highway that will be 235 km to Roma.”

What, how deceiving this could be for anyone driving on their own. Be aware of such details and make life easy, best to call Eva to set you up.

I am a very happy camper!! Thank you Eva and Michelangelo.

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