Five Breathtaking Umbrian Villages

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We got a very positive response to our Five Breathtaking Tuscan Villages article and thought we would follow it up with a similar piece about Umbria. One of the few landlocked regions of Italy, Umbria is well known for its beautiful landscapes and historic towns. With that in mind, here are 5 breathtaking villages in Umbria that you must see.

Spoleto – One of the largest towns in southern Umbria, Spoleto is a sight to behold. With both Etruscan and Roman roots, this walled hill town offers beautiful views, including the Ponte delle Torri (the Bridge of Towers). Music lovers will especially want to visit in late June/early July to catch the famous Festival dei due Mondi, a world-famous music festival.

Orivieto – A must-visit for history buffs, this hilltop Etruscan village is full of monuments and museums that document thousands of years of history. Not only that, but the town also sports the gorgeous Orvieto Cathedral. From the rose window to the golden mosaics this site is not to be missed.

Gubbio1-P1010351_2Gubbio – You definitely don’t want to miss this well-preserved village made from gray limestone. While its looks largely hearken back to the medieval days, sharp-eyed visitors will catch monuments also dating back to the Gothic and Renaissance eras. There is also a Roman open air theater built back in the 1st century BC just outside the town that stands in good shape today.

Asissi – One of the more popular tourist destinations, Asissi is home to historic churches, Roman ruins and the tomb of Saint Francis. The town features a walled medieval center, as well as two castles that are huge draws for history and architecture buffs.

Spello – If you’re interested in visiting Asissi but are a little wary of the words “popular tourist destination” then Spello offers a similar allure but with smaller crowds. From its stone buildings to its flowered staircases Spello is brimming with charm, combined with stunning views perfect for that must-have photo of your trip.

But don’t just take our word for it, come see for yourself. Our Tuscany-Umbria Sojourn will take you to some amazing Umbrian villages including Orivieto!

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