Cambodia Temperature and Rainfall

Cambodia Temperature and Rainfall

This chart is provided to help guide your travel plans. June to October are the wettest months. April is the hottest. While December, January, February and March are the driest and coolest months, these are also the peak season travel time. Novembercambodia-rainfall-temperatur-chart is still dry and relatively cool, with slightly fewer crowds.






Cambodia Classic Itinerary

Highlights Cambodia Classic

  • Prepare to be mesmerized by the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat.
  • Our crowd avoidance itineraries let you listen to the sounds of nature at work as you stand alone in the morning mist among the soaring trees and serpentine roots of Ta Prohm.
  • Visit the Angkorian waterway late in the afternoon and her only the dip of your boatman’s oar and the call of the redheaded whistling ducks as you sip your sunset drink.
  • Get introduced to the most talented artisans and restorative spas.
  • Visit authentic markets.