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Looking for a trip that explores cultures, landscapes, food, or tough-to-arrange insider experiences along the way?  Let Evia arrange your customized travel experience for one, two or any group size. Our goal is to ensure an awesome experience for all our guests. Let us tell you a bit about us, Eviactive.

What makes Evia special?

  • We’ve been there! We’ve checked out the hotels, we know our guides personally; we’ve eaten at the restaurants, visited the vineyards, tested the walks, bartered at the markets, hiked the trails, tasted the wines, sailed most cruise lines, and danced with the best.
  • We’ll take care of you every step of the way, offering 24 hours emergency contact numbers in each country where we design custom vacations.
  • We’ll take your every whim and work to make it a reality, your reality. We’ve had guests who wanted hand crafted tango shoes from the Tuscan countryside. We made it happen. We’ve had guests who wanted to learn to make chocolate. We made it happen. We’ve had guests who wanted to hike the Inca Trail with a full time masseuse and chef. We made that happen too.
  • We have a passion for travel and we want your experience with us to be passionate.
  • We create tailor-made travel experiences as well as group trips.

Our guests have described us as their “travel guru.” Clients have described their experiences with us as “the most memorable vacation ever,” and “the trip of a lifetime.“ Guests have described our service as “attentive to every last detail” and “personalized.”

Evia’s concierge service organizes tailor-made and custom travel that takes care of all the details. We do the work so that you don’t have to. You’ve worked hard to get to your dream vacation, now it’s time to let us do the work for you.

About EVIA’s founder

Eva Stelzer, founder of Evia | Eviactive consulting has been traveling and advising travel for over 20 years. Eva’s passions for languages, travel and fitness; led her to plan insider and tailor-made travel experiences for others. The company’s strength is in the unique partnerships with locals that Eva has in Italy, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina and Cambodia (to mention a few destinations). Eva plays a key role in designing every itinerary. She is committed to providing each guest with a sense of accomplishment and joy, while helping them discover local places of interest, culture, great food, interesting walks, and memories to cherish. Each year Eva still guides at least one group in Italy.DSC_0280

A graduate of McGill University in Montreal, she holds degrees in physical education and business administration. She also studied French at the Sorbonne in Paris, Spanish at the University of Cuenca in Spain, and Italian at the Istituto Michelangelo in Florence.

With us, you won’t just travel, you’ll experience! Our pace is active from a fitness perspective but slow from a travel perspective. We focus on absorbing a culture and visiting destinations up close, on foot, and in the companionship of local friends.

For your consultation, contact Eva: info@eviactive.com.*

Buon viaggio,
Eva Stelzer

IATA Certified Travel Councillor

Take your first step with us!

Our mission is to engage your senses, stimulate your curiosity and offer first class travel experiences through active, intelligent travel. Our style of travel is passionate and innovative. We are enthusiastic and pay attention to every detail, no matter how small. We are concerned about the footprint that we leave and wherever possible, use only locally-owned accommodations, eat locally grown foods, and develop our walks in partnership with local guides.

Evia (Eviactive, and Garth Allen Marksted Travel) is people-focused. We offer high quality travel experiences in carefully chosen destinations. We don’t stop until you return home. By working closely with each client, we are able to design unique vacations to match your needs and schedules with personalized attention to detail. We can customize our trips, or you can join one of our group departures. Our goal is to provide authentic insider-experiences using local guides, and wherever possible, locally owned accommodations. Regional culture, art, architecture, archaeology, history, and food are at the core of your experience with Evia, Eviactive, and Evia Active Travel.

We have found that some areas are better explored on foot while others are better suited to small cruises or yachts. We specialize in small towns, extraordinary interests within larger cities, out of the way places, footpaths, and interesting sights. Our success is built on our ability to listen to what a client wants, our excellent staff, and our carefully chosen accommodations.

According to a Chinese proverb, the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. We invite you to take your first step with us.

Bespoke Accommodations

Our accommodations are carefully chosen from three categories: bespoke, premiere, and casual. Bespoke properties are high-end, uber luxury places suited for custom travel. Premiere properties include elegant accommodations with regional flair and upscale service. Both bespoke and premier properties can be from a selection of converted chateaus, monasteries, farmhouses and villas. Casual inns are comfortable well-run properties chosen for their surroundings and regional charm. No two rooms are alike in any of the properties we use. We invite you to discover our accommodations, chosen for their charm, attention to detail, and surroundings. Walk on stone floors worn over the centuries; enjoy panoramic vistas, monks chanting in the background, imperfectly shaped rooms, vintage furnishing, and much more.


Most of us form our best memories in life around food and around eating. That’s why we have decided to focus on regional cuisine with meals of distinction. Our restaurants are generally chosen for the freshness of their produce, authenticity to local culture, and where applicable, fine regional wines. We favor locally-owned restaurants that may be off-the-beaten-path. We eat at specialty restaurants that are popular with locals. We prepare picnics with the freshest organic and seasonal produce. If your passion is food, check out our Florence Cooking Holiday or let us plan a tailor-made travel experience in Peru, an up and coming foodie destination.

Small Group Size

We limit the size of our group trips to twelve travelers, except on the Galapagos Island cruises where the boat capacity determines occupancy. Our ballroom dance groups are larger to increase the fun. Our policy is to minimize our environmental impact, travel to areas less visited, and make the sightseeing experiences more personal. Our guides attend to the individual needs of each client. Travelling in small groups also increases the likelihood of meeting interesting people, encountering wildlife where applicable, and dining at local restaurants.

Detailed Itineraries

Each destination is thoroughly researched before including it in a trip. We have established strong business relationships in all the areas we visit which allows us to make unique itineraries of cultural, artistic, and ecological significance. In Ecuador, we recommend an Eco-Safari camp or a visit to the Mashpi Lodge. Every itinerary can be customized.

Experienced Staff

We can make it happen.We have a team of certified travel councilors in Montreal. We have long-standing contractual relationships with our logistical specialists and guides in Italy, Ecuador, Peru, Israel, Cambodia, Nepal, and elsewhere around the globe. We are well-travelled and have visited the places we recommend. One of our strengths is our connections with local suppliers. They are more than our partners, they are our friends.  Meet our team.

The Choice Is Yours

Want a tailor-made trip? We can make it happen. Want to join us on a group trip? We can make it happen. Want to take one of our per-existing package and change the dates? We can make it happen. Want to try a ballroom dance cruise? We do that too. Let our experts help you plan. Begin your next journey with us.

Let us plan your trip now!

* All of our trips are booked through Voyages GAM-SPS Travel Inc., Quebec License 701865.