Paracus Peru

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Highlights in Paracus

  • Tailor-made-travel* through our concierge service.
  • Visit the only marine protected area in Peru with incredible wildlife similar to that of the Galapagos Islands.
  • Try sandboarding on desert dunes of the Paracus peninsula.
  • Dine under the desert stars.
  • Fly over the Nazca lines.

Suggested Activities while in Paracus:

Desert Adventure

Iclip_image028t is claimed that Paracas is the most arid desert in the world; rain is quite infrequent, and its dunes create an incomparable image at evening or dawn. This region, where the winds blows from east to west, teems with history and culture, and the landscape will take your breath away.

Enjoy the action and adventure of crossing this desert in SUV’s driven by experts who know the spectacular Paracas dunes. It all ends with a dinner under the stars in a choice location. Live this incredible experience where it’s just you and nature. Dinner included and the adventure typically begins in the late afternoon.



Tour the only marine protected area in Peru, home to sea lions, Humboldt’s penguins, dolphins, and hundreds of bird species.The Paracas Natural Reserve is an Eden for nature lovers, where they can admire the ocean, the desert, and incredible wildlife diversity. Not only is it one of the richest aquatic ecosystems in the world, but also a regional reserve for migratory birds. This part of the Peruvian coast is the habitat for 260 marine bird species, but there are others, as well… the Andean fox, Peru Pacific iguana, Andean condor, etc.


This morning depart for Ica city (45mins drive), Ica is a beautiful city located in the southern part of Peru and in the middle of a green valley surrounded by the desert. This wonderful city stands out thanks to its warm climate, gorgeous white sand dunes and a beautiful lagoon, known by the locals as Huacachina.


clip_image021On this spot visitors may explore the surroundings of the lagoon or go for a ride with buggies machines out in the desert and practice one of the ultimate sports in our country “Sandboarding”.

You can also enjoy one of the traditional vineyards located in the countryside and learn how Peruvians prepare their delicious “Pisco Sour”. The city of Ica also owns one of the best archaeological museums of Peru, “The Regional Museum of Ica”.



Depart on a two hour boat trip to the Ballestas Islands where you will enjoy the sights and sounds of such fascinating Peruvian coastal wildlife as sea lions (tourist-friendly), Humboldt penguins, and an endless number of migratory birds. Along the way, there will be ample opportunity to marvel at the Candelabro, a mysterious and huge geoglyph that stands watch over the Ica coastline, and to listen to the islands’ history, as recounted by knowledgeable guides.


Depart to Pisco airport for your FLIGHT OVER THE NAZCA LINES. Explore the beauty of the Paracas sand dunes and gaze in wonder at the enigmatic Nazca Lines in a low altitude flyby in a Cessna Caravan.

Many theories have been formulated about these lines and incredible designs, some almost 300 meters long,… runways for alien spacecraft, lines of a giant seismograph… however, Maria Reiche, who spent her life studying them, has come up with the most plausible theory: that they form a gigantic astronomical calendar based on the movement of the sun. The lines themselves run from simple designs to more than 30 complex animal figures, such as a monkey, spider, and hummingbird.
Suggest Accommodations: Hotel Paracas, a Luxury Collection. Strategically located in the bay, in front of the Nature Reserve of Paracas, this hotel is the luxurious resort spa in the Peruvian coast and is the ideal starting point for excursions to the Ballestas islands from their own private deck.

Things to do during your stay at Hotel Paracus, a Luxury Collection

  • Swimming Pools: Water is a central theme to the decor and atmosphere of the Hotclip_image011el Paracas, so it is little wonder that two pristine, heated pools are available to guests throughout their stay, all year long. The main pool faces the bar lounge and the family pool is conveniently located next to the playground.
  • Spa, immerse yourself in a bevy of beauty and relaxation rituals at the 547-square-meter Spa at Paracas, where guests are treated to a vast array of unique and inspired treatments designed to rejuvenate, restore, and replenish from head to toe
  • Fitness Center, inside this fully equipped gym, guests will find the latest in Art Techno gym technology, as well as a pristine sauna and sensuous spa
  • Watersports, fun activities—including kite surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, and snorkeling.
The trip from Lima to Paracus takes 3 and half hours. En route you can stop at one or more of the following:
  • Pachacamac ruins and the town of Cañete, famous for the delicious food prepared with camarones (river shrimps).
  • Stop in Chincha,a town that perfectly combines folklore and tradition. The culture of Chincha emerges from the former Negro slaves from the colonial cotton plantations.
  • Visit the  Bodega Tabernero, one of the better known wine producers in Peru.
  • Visit the Inca ruins of Tambo Colorado.
*All itineraries for Paracus, Peru are tailor made and designed by our concierge service. Our most popular and bespoke Paracus adventure is 5 days/4 nights. Choose some or all of the optional activities based on your style of travel.We suggest a minimum of 4 nights in Paracus to get the best out of this destination.
The Benefits of Tailor-Made Travel

  • Travel at your own pace – fit more (or less) into your time
  • Concentrate on what interests you
  • Get personalized advice from the experts
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