Why You Must Take A Sicily Tour

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Known for its art, architecture and beautiful landscapes, Sicily is a must-visit destination with a rich and engaging history. Having been occupied by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Moores and Romans (to name a few), the island is bursting with cultural importance and amazing views. Here are a few reasons that we think you must take a Sicily tour.

Ruins – With such a long, rich history it’s only natural that Sicily would be a hot spot for beautiful ancient ruins. From the Villa Romana del Casale to the Parco Archeologico della Neapolis, history buffs will be able to move from jaw-dropping site to jaw-dropping site.

Mount Etna Wines – Visit not just for the wines (which are wonderful), but also for the mountain itself. Sicily’s Mount Etna is an active volcano that has helped create a distinctive climate, and a very exciting area for winemakers. From the Graci Etna Rossa to the Planeta Carricante, the wine tours in this region are nothing short of stunning.

Ancient architecture – After Mount Etna’s 1693 eruption, the nearby towns were entirely rebuilt in what was then a more modern style. This has lead to a beautiful selection of perfect Baroque-style buildings that can be found on the coast of Sicily. So as you visit this famous area, take advantage of some of the great Mount Etna hikes and then visit some of these Baroque villages.

Cuisine –Known for its food and wine, Sicily is sometimes nicknamed “God’s kitchen”. Savory dishes with fresh ingredients are the custom, here, with plenty of seafood and pasta. And if you have a sweet tooth you’ll want to sample the cannoli and some authentic Sicilian granita.

These are but a few of the reasons to enjoy a beautiful Sicily tour. On our Sicily: Eastern Island trip you can enjoy the views, the food and the wine that this wonderful area has to offer. http://www.eviactive.com/category/trips/italy-trips/sicily-italy-trips/

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