Why a Human Travel Guide is Better Than Any App

Written by Eva Stelzer. Posted in Blog

Technology has come a long way, and we have every reason to be excited about it. After all, the sheer volume of information available at our fingertips is staggering. Where we get into trouble, though, is when we start to assume that this technology has made the human experience irrelevant. After all, no number of online reviews writing about clothes can replace an experienced style expert telling you the best shirt to fit your frame. Along the same lines, there is no travel app that can replace an experienced tour guide.

Now it should be noted that we’re not here to trash travel apps. There are plenty of great ones out there, some of which we even use personally. We don’t want to imply for a second that they shouldn’t be used, only that they shouldn’t be used as an alternative to a real-life guide.

DSC_0110_2An experienced travel guide offers a more individual touch. They get to know you, learn what interests you and personalize your entire experience (all without reading your browser history and selling it to advertisers). They can also be as hands-on or hands-off as you like on the day-to-day aspects of the trip. Really, it’s their ability to read the situation (and client) and piece together the best trip for your needs that makes a travel guide so special.

Beyond that, the best of travel guides also has a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. Having someone who knows the region there with you to point out historical sites, interesting shops or exciting alternate routes is a way to take your trip to the next level. They are also a great way to get better access to otherwise inaccessible locations in some cases.

Best of all, with an experienced guide who knows the area you stay completely engaged with your surroundings. Rather than burying your face in a phone or tablet device every time you want to know something, you ask your best friend on the trip. Less time looking at a screen means more time taking in the beautiful location you’re visiting. (Not to mention that all of this is available whether or not you have active 3G or Wi-Fi service.)

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