Florence specialty coffee shop for lunch, or afternoon drink

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Amongst Florence restaurants, this newish coffee-lover spot is in with the young adult crowd. Located on Via dei Neri, it’s a great spot for lunch, light snacks, coffee, or drinks. Owner and master coffee barista Francesco Sanapo is the genius behind this new place.

What is so special about a barista and what is a barista anyway? Like a sommelier who knows wines, or a chef who expertly mixes ingredients knows, a barista understands how to select and blend coffee beans to create a diversity of flavour.

An Italian barista is a person who is a specialist in making and serving coffee-based, usually espresso-based drinks as well as being a bartender who serves a mix of alcoholic drinks and coffee based drinks. A good barista is also artistic, creates interesting blends, and has a highly developed sense of taste. Having said that, Francesco is a master. He is fussy about where the beans are grown, how they are stored, and even the equipment that is used to make a good espresso. He is so passionate that he even has his own blog that you can read here.

His resto is modern, international, and a draw for the ‘in’ crowd. The coffees are varied, but so is the list of gin-based cocktails. On a hot day, the gin ice-tea goes down very nicely.

LOCATION: Ditta Artigianale | Via Dei Neri 32, 50122 Florence, Italy | Open Mon – Sun: 8:00 am – 10:00 p.m.

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