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After you’ve had gelato there is no going back to ice cream. Better yet, after you’ve had authentic Italian gelato there’s no going back to anything else. With that in mind, here are our choices for five great gelato flavors that you must try when you visit Italy.

Stracciatella – Translated from Italian, “stracciatella” means “a little shred”. Appropriate for this milk-based gelato that includes fine, shredded bits of chocolate. This is the gourmet version of chocolate chip ice cream, with a smooth, delicate flavor. A modern classic!

Bacio – Nutella fans take note. Bacio gelato is everything you ever dreamed Nutella could be. Named after the Baci candies, this chocolate/hazelnut flavor mixes together beautifully. Creamy, but with a crunch to it, this is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Nocciolo – This one offers hazelnuts on their own (no chocolate). It’s a must-try for nut-lovers, as it lets them take center-stage without being overshadowed by the chocolate.

Fiordilatte – If you translate the name directly, fiordilatte means, “flower of milk”; apropos for this pure, creamy flavor.  What you taste here is the pure quality of the gelato. In fact, many people suggest that trying a gelateria’s fiordilatte flavor is the best way to tell whether or not their gelato is any good, as it gives the purest experience.

Amarena – For those who want a rich, creamy experience with a little more kick to it, amarena is a cream-based gelato with a sour cherry sauce mixed in.  Amarena cherries are known for being a bit tart, so those who are drawn to that will want to try this flavor for sure.

You can sample authentic Italian gelato on many of our trips, such as our tour of Tuscany’s Chianti Region. Learn more about it here: http://www.eviactive.com/chianti-greve-and-siena/

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