Israel Active Tour

Isreal Active Tour

Israel Active tour


  • Israel active tour is a transformational travel experience with Eviactive, that explores Jerusalem, a land of 3 faiths – where soul-stirring historic sites stand side by side with modern architecture. Jerusalem serves as a beacon for Jews, Muslims and Christians.
  • Our signature active journey includes rappelling in the Dead Sea Caves, star-gazing in the Ramon Crater, wine tasting, and Segway tours.
  • Our cultural and historic discovery takes in sacred ground to Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and on an adventure into a dazzling diversity of influences and historic sites co-mingled across a modern state.
  • Our active adventures can include cycling, wine tasting, hiking, kayaking, rappelling, on 4X4 adventures, sand boarding, or even star gazing at night in the desert….to mention a few of our activities.