The Isle of Capri Italy. A treat on or off season?

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The Isle of Capri Italy has tempted hedonistic visitors from Roman to modern times. Today’s visitors represent the glamorous jet set, fashionistas and nature lovers. Behind that glitter is an isle with breath taking natural beauty. The Isle of Capri is swarmed in July and August, but May and September still boast amazing weather with enough action to keep any traveler happy. By late September the streets and alleys are quiet and you can get to know the locals.

5 things to do in Capri Italy.

The Blue Grotto

You may ask yourself what’s so special about a cave, but the Isle of Capri’s Blue Grotto is one of nature’s finest attractions. The tricky thing about the Blue Grotto is that you can only enter with a calm sea and a low tide. So you may pay your trip, start the ride, stop at the entrance and discover that, unfortunately, you arrived exactly when it will be impossible to enter. Ask about sea and tide conditions before paying for the boat ride.

Il Faraglioni

Il Faraglioni is more than just a rock, it’s a star. This towering icon rising out of the blue sea is one of the most popular natural sites and attractions of Capri. The timeless rock formations jutting out of the crystal sea make the islands rugged beauty a charmer. The best way to get up close to Il Faraglioni is by hiring a boat or joining a day tour on the water. Check the sea conditions in advance. You can also get a terrific vista by having a drink on the terrace of some of the more posh hotels.

Gardens of Agustus

For travelers who prefer man made nature, the Gardens of Agustus The Gardens of Augustus, towards the top of the island of Capri, are a retreat into a cultivated natural paradise, complete with unforgettable panoramas. This fantastic feat of engineering is known as Via Krupp, named after a German steel magnate, Friedrich Alfred Krupp, who, in the early nineteen hundreds, came to Capri to convalesce after an illness. He commissioned both the Gardens of Augustus and the road that takes you there. Due to a penchant for falling rocks, the Via Krupp is not always open. Like the Blue Grotto, it’s one of those fantastic things to see if you plan ahead.

Mount Solerno

Those visiting the Isle of Capri Italy for the first time should plan a visit to Mount Solerno. First take either the bus or the convertible taxis up to Anacapri. Then you hop on a cable car to the mountaintop. The cable ride up is not terribly exciting but it does hover over lush gardens, local homes, and a few ruins. Once atop this 1,932 ft. peak, the island’s highest, you will be rewarded with breathtaking, 360-degree panoramic vistas of the gulfs of Naples and Salerno, the Sorrentine Peninsula, Mt. Vesuvius and the towns of Capri and Anacapri. The summit also has the remains of an early 19th century fort (Fortino di Bruto) built during a war between the British and French

Have a drink

This might sound like an odd thing to suggest, but Capri is as much about people watching as it is about any other thing to do. Find a relaxing and of course beautiful terrace and people watch. Panta Rei is one of the islands most sophisticated bars and a good place to sip a limoncello. The fashion-crowd flocks to this supper club and DJ lounge. The Quisisana has a long-standing tradition of being situated at the cross roads of everywhere in the town of Capri. The small front terrace offers great people watching. Or, head inside to the posh black and white Quisi Bar. A drink at the Quisi is not for the faint of pocket. Prices are high.

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