Why You Should Go Birding in Italy

Written by Eva Stelzer. Posted in Blog, Italy

Sometimes known as Europe’s best-kept birdwatching secret, birding in Italy offers a wide range of fascinating species. With over 500 species (and counting) of our feathered friends currently found here, a visit to this beautiful country is sure to engage novice and experienced birdwatching enthusiasts alike.

If you are planning a birding trip to Italy, it is important to keep in mind the time of year you want to visit. While there will be something to see year-round, generally the best periods to visit are considered to be between April and July and again in October. During the summer months several species use Europe as their breeding grounds during this time of year and their vocal birdsongs will make them easier to spot. On the other hand, October sees the birds migrate back to the African continent, which leads to some spectacular spottings.

From waterfowl to songbirds, Italy’s diverse ecosystem makes it a prime destination for people hoping to catch a glimpse of some of their favorites. Sightings will frequently include egrets, cormorants (also seen in the Galapagos Islands), falcons, warblers, buntings, kestrels and many, many more.

DSC_0143One of the most popular birding destinations that our groups often visit is the Vendicari Natural Reserve. Located in Sicily, this peaceful park with pristine beaches offers lagoons, both rocky coastlines and sandy beaches, and a perfect spot for key sightings.

The Vendicari Natural Reserve is one of the destinations visited on our Sicily Eastern Island trip. For more information, visit here: http://www.eviactive.com/sicily-eastern-island/.


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