Ballroom dance cruises and dancing at sea


Dancers at sea find each other

Following our inaugural ballroom dance cruise on the luxurious Crystal Serenity our award-winning professional dance team has continued to wow our guests with their style, technique, and incredible personalities. Dance lessons every day, dancing every night: cha-cha, salsa, samba, quick step, bolero, waltz, tango, rumba…magical! One guest has been on fifteen dance cruises, and said this was the best. We credit our ballroom dance team and their energetic and enigmatic personalities. Ballroom dance cruises provide a great opportunity to keep up your dance skills or learn new ones with experts by your side. Best of all, dancing at sea really improves balance as you learn to work the core muscles with the gentle sway of ocean waves. Our upcoming cruises for those who want to continue dancing at sea include: two adventure in December. One  will be on Princess cruises starting in Fort Lauderdale with our Shall We Dance team, and the other one on Crystal Cruises with our International Montreal-based dance Team starting from  New Orleans to the Yucatan Peninsula. If these don’t fit your schedule, join us for springtime in the Mediterranean from Monte Carlo to Venice